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What drives us

At LinkiDoo, we're dedicated to empowering healthcare brands and distributors worldwide. Our mission is to facilitate international expansion for brands while assisting distributors in curating quality portfolios and discovering innovative solutions. Through our vision,  we aim to forge strong partnerships and drive efficiency in the healthcare industry.


Our Mission

LinkiDoo has achieved significant milestones on our journey. We've launched our alpha version and are currently testing the beta version. Our achievements include winning the prestigious Paris Startup Contest 2023 and fostering close collaborations with hundreds of brands since 2023. At LinkiDoo, we're dedicated to streamlining and optimizing the healthcare supply chain. Through our dynamic platform, we seamlessly connect brands and distributors, prioritizing precision and accessibility. Join us as we shape the future of healthcare supply chains.


I've walked in your shoes, experienced the long days and even longer nights, and felt the frustration of finding the right partners firsthand. I understand the anticipation of waiting for those annual industry gatherings, hoping to stumble upon potential collaborators. But I didn't stop at just understanding the struggle; I decided to take action. That's how LinkiDoo came to life – a platform that's your personal matchmaker for healthcare connections.

Dr. Youmna Geha
Founder & CEO
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